Saturday, January 22, 2011

Re: The 100 Paintings Challenge!

Just a quick note today to say that I have finished “The 100 paintings Challenge.” The host of that blog, Laure Ferlita, has posted part one of a two part interview with me which some of you might enjoy.

And I’m temporarily grounded from sketching with tendonitis in my right shoulder …. But this will pass. Don’t think I’ve given up posting.


  1. I love this kind of mushroom and your painting is the perfect representation. I hope your shoulder improves with dedicated rest.
    I always enjoy seeing your beautiful work and reading about your adventures.

  2. And now I am back after reading the wonderful interview! You are such an inspiration!

  3. I hope your tendonitis goes away soon Elva. What misery that can be. This mushroom looks so real. I feel I could pluck it off the paper along with the little fern. Congrats on the 100 paintings challenge.

  4. I can't wait to check out the interview. You are SO talented and I am waiting for a book from you! I have a date with my son tonight, but I will not miss this interview. You're paintings (and I love, love, love your ink sketches) are so full of emotion - the delicate touch is evident. I also adore your words. You are really gifted.

  5. It's "really"..."fabulous" subject! I like it

  6. Congrats over here also Elva.
    What, you painted yourself into tendenitis?! Hurry and heal so we can all enjoy your art again!!

  7. Thank you Ginger, and Lisa and Margaret and Maria and Teri! You've been loyal followers.

    and No, Teri, I didn't do it painting, although I have the unusual distinction of having broken a leg while photographing a painting -- several years ago. This shoulder it the result of trying to reinvent my body in one quick session, i.e. too many new excercises on the same day. January is a dangerous time of year!

    Today, after 8 days of misery, I'm finally eating with my right hand and type a little with both hands. Hoooo Ray!

  8. Dear Elva,
    Really, really congratulations!! Please take care of yourself. The uploaded work is amazingly beautiful and I love it.
    Cheers, love and smile,

  9. Congrats! And, healing prayers coming your way! Ouch!