Thursday, March 8, 2012


I usually get the most 'comments' when I post about art ... so, obviously, a bunch of you (my readers ) are artists, or at least interested in the art process. .... and for the others of you, never fear. I'll soon run out of art posts and get back to organizing the several posts I have in my 'to do' basket.

At least two of you (my readers) expressed a desire for a peek into my sketchbooks. Are there more? If there is an interest I'll post several unaltered pages, warts and all. I have to admit I'm probably a fool for even considering it. Some of you may be operating under the illusion I keep a beautifully laid out journal. Ha! For others, is may be liberating. Once upon a time I thought my journal had to be neat and tidy ... and I was always way behind in putting anything into it.


  1. Oh yes.. do show please. :))I like the fact it wont be would be liberating. :)
    Cris,Artist in Oregon..Not on my usual server..

  2. I'd love to have a peek! I once went to an artist's demo (she was painting a a wildlife-type scene from a photo), which was all well and good but the most interesting part for me was looking at her field sketchbooks, which she'd kindly brought along and handed around. I found them fascinating.

  3. You bet it is liberating. I love to see how things evolve especially by a good artist like yourself. I love to read about your nature happenings too. I wonder if you plan a book. You write beautifully. I always feel as if I am there with you.

  4. I love your area of the country and you describe it beautifully in your journal. But did you really see a bear there? I may not venture up that way again anytime soon...I did not know there were bear there!
    Great sketches!

    1. My journal is a reflection of my life ... generally my life away from the house. One facet of my life is volunteering at Wildlife Safari, a drive through zoo near here. We get to park just a few feet from three 'boys' and two 'old ladies' who don't give a hoot that we are there. Wonderful opportunity to hone my skills so that when I get near a wild bear I'll be ready.

      This sketch is of one of the old ladies who dug herself a nice cool hammock and was just lazing about.

      I have seen black bears in the wild a few times in Oregon; grizzlies and black bears many, many times in Yellowstone.

  5. I love your "how-I-done-it's"...and also seeing your sketch pook pages. Never too much art from you! You're very talented! BJR

  6. Bring it on!! Warts, wrinkles and all....yes, it will be liberating but it also shares different things for each of us depending on where we are on the journey.

    For me it's partly peeking behind the finished pieces to understand the steps and work that goes into them and it's also a glimpse of your unique process that allows you to create from

    Thanks for even considering this!

  7. Love the position of the bear.