Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sketching A Great Blue Heron: Bandon, Oregon

            Last time we were at Bandon we found a great blue heron resting in a shore pine snag at the edge of a little pond.  He spent a couple of hours at midday, when the tide was high, preening carefully.  At little scratching was in order too. When it was time to feed the heron flew a short way to the exposed rocks in the tidal zone of the Coquille River estuary. Hunting for small fish was good in shallows amongst the rocks. 
            Today a stiff wind blows.  A heron, probably the same one, is at the same pond.  He walks slowly out of the shadows of the trees and into the pond. 
This is the only sketch in this post that isn't a field sketch ….. sketched from one of our photos.
            The heron straightens his neck, carefully watching the water beneath. Hunting isn’t very good.  Dale photographs and I sketch for a good hour without seeing him catch anything.  His luck probably wouldn’t be any better on the estuary where the wind is whipping up a choppy riffle in addition to big waves rolling in.  Some days fishing looks so easy for these herons, but not today. 


  1. Wonderful drawings! And I love herons!

  2. Herons are such a specialty of yours…always the most interesting positions. Nice work.

  3. Love these birds. I love to go watch them fish at the duck pond. Something so graceful about them. Lovely job as usual.oh and thanks so much for your kind help on downloading my photos unto my laptop today. :))