Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not So Dignified: Great Blue Heron

Here is one of our more dignified birds …. Well sometimes. 

I started the first sketch in the field, then refined it after I looked at Dale’s photographs … and then inked.  Like most fishermen I know this heron has a favorites spot to fish.  He almost disappears into the clump of tall grasses next to a little pond. 
This is a different heron, different pond.  He is done fishing for now.  He stands tall, the inner sides of his wings exposed to the winter sunlight.  First he makes sure the sun reaches into one ‘armpit’ and then the other.  He was well wetted when we first arrived.  Either the heron took a bath, or drenched himself while fishing. 

Such a funny pose for a dignified bird!


  1. Tuesday when the rain arrived I watch our Anna's Hummingbird enjoying a shower. Just stood in the rain and opened up her wings and then shook all over, then repeated the process.

  2. Score another pose! This is certainly one you don't see every day. Think you captured it with quite a lot of dignity!

  3. I love these birds. They always look so elegant ..even doing this. :) lovely job as usual.