Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stewart Pond Sketches

I’ve hardly had time to breath lately, but I still have been getting out and sketching.  Our local pond provides a wonderful place to sketch and photograph.  Here are some recent field sketches from there: 
Lots of activity at the pond.  One double-crested cormorant sits on top of a post while the other chases after a common merganser with its fish.  I had to chuckle because just a few days earlier a similar merganser stole a fish from a hooded merganser (which is quite a bit smaller).  This time the cormorant won and the merganser had to give up its fish.  

Also a seven ducks come 'slipping' in to the pond.  I love how they twist sideways when they want to loose altitude quickly.  …. and one great egret flies by. 
Canada geese squabbling on top, mallards in the middle, and a ring-necked diving on the bottom. 
 The whole page of Canada geese.  Sketching a variety of poses is such good practice.  


  1. All these are fantastic Elva. I recognize that post with the cormorant on it. It's perfect. :)) some day I might get the nerve up to sketch there on location. :)

  2. As usual, a great job. I love your sketches.