Sunday, July 13, 2014

I've Been Busy!

Blackberry Blossom ... field sketch
This is a very quick blog post to let you all know I've been busy, having a hard time finding time to write.  I guess I should confess and admit I finally got a bee in my bonnet to sort though a lot of STUFF that has been accumulating.  Life was simpler when we got transferred every 2 or 3 years.  Now we've lived in one spot for over 30 years.  Oh my gosh!  all the stuff we've accumulated.
Gorse and Shore Pine -- field sketch from along the Coquille River last spring
Magpie in Yellowstone 
But I do try to find time to do a little art no matter how busy I am.  I feel as though I get rust in my veins if I don't pick up a brush or at least a pen on a regular basis.
These are all painted about the size of a post card..... fun to paint.  And most are field sketches like this daisy and butterfly painted at Sough Sough Reserve.
This one I did spent more time on.  Our daughter and her husband recently bought a 'transit van', a small utility van.  They've fixed it up for camping trips and quick day trips out into nature.  On their first trip out they went to a nearby lake and heard a loon, a barred owl and a kingfisher -- a good omen for future trips!


  1. Loved seeing these in person but they are pretty wonderful in print too. Really love that last one with the three birds, it would be a great illustration in a book. Its interesting what will inspire us.

  2. Beautiful! We are so lucky to be able to enjoy your work!