Monday, August 3, 2015

Osprey Fledglings

Ospreys have been here since early spring .... and now is my favorite time of year to watch them.  Some have already fledged and spend hours in the sky hollering for their dinner.  Soon they'll be on their own, but for awhile they continue to beg. 
Other nests are ready to fledge.  Last week we spent a couple of hours parked near one of these.  Dale photographed while I sketched.  The youngsters seemed very ready for dinner.  At least they hollered most of the time.  One of the adults joined them for awhile and joined in the hollering when another osprey flew nearby. I suspect it was the female on the nest and she was trying to hurry up her mate.  Female osprey do the incubating. When the chicks are small the male brings the food to the nest, but it's the female who rips it up for the chicks.   These chicks are large enough to rip up their own fish, but not ready to do their own fishing.  
Soon the adult left and the two youngsters were alone again.  One stretched out its long wings and started flapping ..... more and more.  The second chick lay flat, trying to keep out of the way.  We watched the young osprey lift off and float a few feet above the nest.  All was under control.  He soon dropped down onto the nest again. 


  1. Your patience was rewarded with some lovely sights and amazing sketches, how lucky to have these special birds near your home.

  2. And we have lift off...As usual some wonderful sketches and stories.

  3. Hmmm, dinner suggestion for tonight.....ripped fish!

  4. Very nice action and expressions in your sketches. Love 'em!