Thursday, December 31, 2015

Don't Bother Me -- I'm Taking a Bath

Charleston Harbor, Charleston, Oregon, USA

Sometimes when we are sitting quietly something wonderful happens.  Dale and I parked on a short-jetty road that juts into the Coos River estuary and boarders the Charleston Harbor.   There are always some gulls, usually a cormordant or two, some seals, hopefully brown pelicans, …..  Today nothing in particular catches our attention; that is not until I am balancing my lunch tray on my lap.  We often eat lunch in the car when it is cool. 

There aren’t many places to park out on this little jetty.  The spot we picked is next to a big coffee-colored rain puddle.  Suddenly I hear the whirring of  splashing water – right next to me.  I put my lunch on the dash and slowly ease my camera up to the window.  I really don't expect the little sparrow to stay put, but we have kind of a mantra.  Try.  If it only works once in ten times, it is still worth trying. 
My little white-crowned sparrow happily continues bathing.  He must think he is a very dirty bird.  
Lots of splish, splash.....
and a quick look around.
More splishing ....

and splashing.
And another quick look around.  

May your New Year be full of unexpected pleasures!    

Happy New Year


  1. They work so hard for their splish splash bath.
    Happy New Year to you too Elva.

  2. He's ready to party! Happy New Year Elva and Dale!

  3. Happy New Year to you, too! Best wishes, Sadami

  4. Delightful! You transport us with the mundane!