Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Book: Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom

Those of you who know me personally, or have been reading my blog for quite awhile, realize I have unusual parents.  Because of this I thought I'd briefly write about a book which has just been published by the Wisconsin Historical Society as part of their Badger Biographies Series, "Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom: Wildlife Conservation Pioneers."  The book is written for young readers .... about roughly 6th grade, though I'm no expert on that subject.

Susan Tupper has done a careful job of writing a very interesting book that captures my parent's unusual life.  Both came from proper New England backgrounds and both studied under Aldo Leopold.  My parents chose to live in old farm houses in rural Wisconsin so that they could be near prairie chickens.  By the time they retired from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources they were well known ornithologists, known both for their prairie chicken research and their raptor research.  The book is full of birds, challenges, and even road kill.

About the Author:  Susan Tupper lives in Wisconsin.  She was a library media specialist for the Rosholt School District for 26 years and also has a degree in Broadfield Social Studies from the UW-Stevens Point.  She served on the Advisory Board of the UW-Madison Cooperative Children's Book Center for three years and is a former recipient of an "Excellence in Teaching: Fellowship Award form the Herb Kohl Foundation. 

Books can be ordered through The Wisconsin Historical Society or Amazon.com

for the Wis. Historical Soc try copying and pasting the following link.  For some reason you can't just click on it --

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  1. I really enjoyed reading the Hammerstrom stories ..they were well loved. This new book should be good too. So much talent in your family.

  2. I grew up just across 73 from your family's house. Your parents and family are so inspiring and I find myself looking to them again as I'm going through a difficult time. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your note .... and I hope your difficulties soon are better.

  3. Ditto what Chris said above. Look forward to another interesting read.