Saturday, July 9, 2016

Nature Journaling Workshop

Amanita Mucshroom

Last many weeks I've been writing more about sketching than usual.  That is because sketching has been on my mind.  Last winter I agreed to do a nature journal workshop at South Slough National Estuarine Reserve near Charleston, Oregon. ... and the time is nearly here:  Saturday, July 16. 
A springtime sketch from the Malheur Basin, Oregon
My workshop comes in two parts.  The morning session is a slide show featuring my natural journals and ideas on how you can keep one.  It'll start at 11 AM and last about an hour.  There is no fee for the morning session. 

The afternoon session is limited to 12 people and there is a $10 fee to cover some supplies.  It'll last from 1 to 3 PM.  Bring a stool and your sketching supplies if you have them, but don't worry if you don't.  I'll have paper and some supplies available.  No prior experience or artistic skill required.  At least part of the afternoon session will be indoors   -- all of it if the weather isn't cooperative. 

... and please pass this information on to anyone who you think might be interested. 

If you are unfamiliar with South Slough's Interpretive Center, be sure to locate it in advance.  It is on the Severn Devils Road, a little over 4 miles from Charleston, Oregon (That is near Coos Bay, OR).  There are wonderful hiking trails at the reserve.  I don't plan any hiking during the workshop, but you might have someone along who'd rather hike than attend the afternoon session. 

Please call the Interpretive Center to reserve a spot in the afternoon session:
541-888-5558  ext. 121


  1. They picked the perfect person to do the workshop!

  2. I wish I lived nearer and could attend!!! I love your mushroom and the other drawings/paintings. I've been looking at Beatrix Potter's nature drawings lately. Do you know them? Will you or have you published a book??

    1. Hi Rita, .. I love Beatrix Potter. My daughter, Lita Judge, even named her parrot "Beatrix." Lita is a wonderful artist. I haven't published a book of sketches, but I do chew on the idea.