Monday, November 15, 2010


Here is my postscript for my Oct 31 blog posting, “Half Grumping, Half Appreciating.” When we were in the Klamath Basin I knew I wanted to sketch this mule deer doe as soon as I saw her. She was daintily nibbling on willow leaves and peering over the skimpy bush at us. Mule deer have such pretty faces. A buck was nearby and definitely interested in the ladies, but tended to keep the scattered junipers between him and us.


  1. Oh how lovely! Her expression is one of "What now, dear?" (No pun intended!) I love the leaves too, a can almost hear them rustling!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent!

  2. You have captured the alert look on this does face. I can almost feel the tension.

  3. She is a beauty Elva! Love her looking between the leaves.

  4. What gorgeous eyes - she is a wonder. Love the willow, too. Lucky you!