Friday, November 5, 2010

Sketching in Nature

Striped meadowhawk ... Ben Irving Resevoir, Douglas County, Oregon

I have some pleasant news to share with you. Cathy Johnson has invited me to join the "Sketching in Nature" blog ( ). It is a site for artists who sketch nature from life. A wonderful mix of artists from around the world contribute. I've recently posted these two sketches there and plan to post something every so often.

My longer posts will continue to be in "Elva's Field Notes". Much of the art I post here looks as though it would qualify for the Sketching in Nature blog, but in actuality I often sketch from my computer after we get home; or I start a sketch in the field and finish it up after we get home. Too often I'm too busy to do enough good skeches on location for this blog.

But I do feel strongly that sketching from life keeps my drawing skills sharp in a way that drawing off the computer or a printed photo never can. Those of you who have met me know that I am forever scribbling in my journal -- both writing and sketching.

For years, many years, I have been a wildlife artist. It is only rather recently that I realized I like writing too. I love combining the two skills.

Autumn Meadowhawk, drawn at Lake in the Woods, Douglas County, Oregon


  1. So very glad you've made the realization that you like writing as I LOVE your writing! You have a wonderful knack for putting your readers "in the moment." And that's special. As are the sketches to go with it!

  2. We'll be delighted to see you on Sketching in Nature, Elva!

  3. I am happy for you Elva. I also follow that blog. I will be watching for your sketches there. I am most happy to hear you aren't giving up on this blog. I enjoy your writing as well as your sketches. You take me away from here to where ever you chose to write about. It is exciting reading to me.

  4. I am truly waiting for a book. I would buy 10 of them and give them out as presents. You have a wonderful gift and talent. You educate and entertain with your writing and your drawings are splendid - for lack of a better word.

  5. Congratulations! Kate has assembled some of the most talented artists from around the world - I learn so much there.

    I love the perspective on the top dragonfly; I feel intimately connected to it. What a great sketch! I so enjoy your work - both the art and the writing, and am glad to see you casting the net wider...yes, a book would be good, too!