Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drawings for Wildlife Safari

This is off the subject from what I normally plan to post, but a friend, Teri, ask for a peek and this is a good way to show her the project I’m working on. This batch includes alligator, bobcat, cougar, blue and gold macaw, ellipsen waterbuck, maned wolf, Indian porcupine, wetlands, white-cheeked gibbons and white-nosed coati. Click on the image and the drawings will be a little larger.

Dale and I are docents for Wildlife Safari, a nonprofit drive-through animal park near here. We take a lot of their photographs and I do some drawing for them. Each of these drawings will be reproduced about an inch tall in a little booklet called “The Passport.” The Passport was first published about 6 years ago; it’s a small booklet designed to let kids check off animals they see in the park. The booklet hasn’t been updated for about three years so there were lots of new animals to put in. I still need to draw a walking stick, an Anatolian sheppard (a dog), and a cheetah. The best part of a project like this is that we need to photograph each animal first. It is a treat to spent time with the animals. My heart is where the wild things live, but this gives me a glimpse of some critters I’ll never see in the wild.


  1. I love that you're pen is in your hand whilst your heart is where the wild things live AND that you share it with us!! Lovely pen and ink work!

  2. Wow Elva, this is just fabulous!!!!!!!! When you are done I would to have your booklet. It just looks perfect. You two are really assets to your organization.

    Thank you so much for showing this.